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Galleries and the accompanying disc are the unique presentation of Polish artists inspired by the western esoteric tradition. Recognized and renowned practitioners such as Anna Maria Bauer, Marek Przybyła, Erwin Sówka,
R. Ryszard Szczerbowski, Andrzej Urbanowicz and Henryk Waniek.
Chaosmos marks the space where meetings occur of such diverse traditions as masonic and alchemical symbolism, artists' books and grimoires, tantric and alchemical iconography, surrealism, psychedelia and automatic writing. Artistic forms manifest similar diversity: paintings mix with drawings and photography, collages and graphics – with found objects. The book's 21 artists showcasing their unorthodox imaginations are matched and pitted against the disc's sound architects and their experimental and ritual auralities. Published by Ocultura. The book includes five pictures from my Mental States collection.
Dead Can Dance. Music is always in my ears. It's wind's hum, it's sea, birds talking in the morning, far star with her silent chant. We are also a piece of it. Sailing through a sea of ethernity. Heading to an unknown island, deep, deep in space.

Marcin Owczarek


Marcin Owczarek. He shows cynism of our modern world, where cyber brain manipulates our life, and a big brother tries to convince us that nothing happens. Worth to visit. Great photomontages with the real message. You can also visit his myspace page on:.......................
Alessandro Bavari
Alessandro Bavari. One of my favorite modern artists.
About me
Mateusz Niedbał




Zdzisław Beksiński


Zdzisław Beksiński. His pictures have the most influence on me. His visions of postapocaliptyc world have come to a legend.
Joel Peter Witkin
Joel Peter Witkin. One of my best inspirations. For me he's a top class poet of ethernity. On this site you have some sort of his pictures.
Katarzyna Szewczyk
Katarzyna Szewczyk. Very classic view on photography, touching viewer with its magic antique aura.
Andrew Polushkin
Andrew Polushkin. Another great visual poet.
Okultura Publishing. Wonderful people with great ideas. They’ve also established their website
Artistic Atelier
Artistic Atelier in Lommel. Home page of my parents' atelier. Web site was fully designed and written by me.
Facebook My facebook account. The latest news of my activity. Until the world makes such oranisations like them, it may survive.




NovaBelgica Gallery Amazing gallery in Belgium in Sint-Truiden. The owner Tim Roosen is also an artist. There is a lot of great shows. Worth to visit, even if you are on the other side of our globe. A specialy for those from the dark side of the moon.

Golden Brain. Great gallery in Paris. Wonderful people , great ideas, no borders.

Distopia Group. Group made by me and Marcin Owczarek. Artists should help each others.

Photography by my good friend Daniel Muzykant


The World Art Games are materialization of Peter Weisz’s vision of Art being similar to Sport as an umbrella of unification of people from all over the World. It could be suggested that the power of art could farther overrun sports because of its debt and vitality, diversity and unlimited positivity. However, unless Sport is widespread followed by mi...llions Art is being considered as a privilege to the educated and upper-classes even where Art generally expresses the feelings and the souls of the many by nature… because, from the paintings of the most primitive past to the sophisticated art pieces of the presence artists have shown the very close to the generality ideas and dreams. Peter Weisz utilize the power of Art in the name and for the general public by bringing Art to them, non feathered real genuine Art of artists from all over the Earth…. A better World of love, faith, and art; World without suffering, injustice, and hunger is appearing in this His vision… no borders and nationality, no war nor oppression. He believes that Government from all over the World should understand and support the World Art Games and we really pray He is correct, because that is the right thing to be?
Lets the spirit of Art comes with its magic to shed the positive message of its creators all over the World and make it a better place indeed.




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